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Some of the aspects of our home inspection New Braunfels TX residents love include:

Roof Inspection

There are several different types of roofs, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to purchase a home, you must determine what kind of roof your home has and how long it will last. As part of the complete home inspection New Braunfels TX residents count on, I check the condition of the shingles, flashing, and valleys, evaluating any evidence of previous repairs, inspecting vents for proper operation, looking over the gutters and downspouts, as well as determining if there are any missing or loose shingles.

Pool Inspection

Swimming pools are subject to many potential hazards both inside and outside the pool area, which can affect your family's safety. Therefore, I inspect all significant components during our pool inspection, including wood or concrete decking, availability of functional access steps, security of the pool cover, properly working drains, and effectiveness of lighting.

Termite Inspection

Regardless of the age or style of home you want to buy, a termite infestation could significantly impact the structure. That’s why our inspections are comprehensive and include checking both inside and outside for termite activity and evidence of past damage.

Septic Inspection

The condition of the home's septic tank and drain field is essential since they play a significant part in protecting local waters. Most septic tanks are buried below ground level and sealed with a cover, which adds protection from the elements and protects children and animals falling into the tank. We check to see if your system has been previously inspected by using our Septic System Evaluation Form. If it has not been reviewed, I will let you know what improvements your home needs now to protect your family's health.

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Lone Star Inspections is a company that specializes in residential home inspections for buyers and sellers. Our experienced and knowledgeable team provides a thorough home inspection New Braunfels residents can count on. Our team guides clients through the necessary steps of the inspection process, leading to comprehensive reports that are easy to understand. When you need a home inspectors in New Braunfels locals say ours is the team to work with. We help our customers to make informed decisions about their prospective homes. At Lone Star Inspections, I treat our customers like family. To work with the best home inspection New Braunfels TX has to offer, Lone Star Inspections is the team for you! Our team performs only quality home inspections, which come with an iron-clad guarantee.

When looking for a home inspector New Braunfels, TX residents recommend, Lone Star Inspections is the go-to choice for reliable and accurate inspections. We are the top home inspector New Braunfels, TX has to offer, and I take pride in upholding specific ethical standards when inspecting your property. Your satisfaction is our priority, and I will work hard to provide you with an efficient and complete report that addresses all your concerns while helping you make an informed decision.

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