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When termites attack your house, it can be devastating. That’s why you need the best termite inspections San Antonio has to offer. Our professionals will ensure that you have a pest-free home or business. We offer thorough and accurate termite inspections for Shavano Park and the surrounding areas in Texas. We stand out as the leading termite inspection Helotes TX residents count on because of our dedication to providing quality services at an affordable price. We provide the termite inspection San Antonio TX residents have depended on for years and our experts provide a detailed report with every job, so there is nothing left to chance when you hire us.

Termites feed on wood and other cellulose materials, leaving behind their waste, which damages the structure of your property. As a result, they may cause significant structural damage without being detected until it is too late. This can be dangerous since termites can compromise the very foundation of your home or business.

In Texas, termites make up more than fifty percent of all reported pest problems. The purpose of termite pest inspections includes finding “evidence” termites have been present on a home’s foundation or within its framing. We provide the most professional termite inspection Shavano Park TX has to offer and our staff is well-trained in all aspects of termite inspection procedures. As a result, I know how to best prepare for this service and what to look for once I are onsite.

We provide a detailed report with every job and examine every nook and cranny of your house so there is nothing left to chance when you hire the termite inspection Shavano Park TX residents love. Our team will ensure your home is in good shape. We offer special discounts to new customers and returning ones, especially veterans and military professionals. We guarantee affordable termite inspection prices in Shavano Park without compromising quality.

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It is vital to get the help of experienced and highly qualified professionals for the termite inspection San Antonio residents can count on to ensure your home is safe and protected from such pests. At Lone Star Inspections, I treat our customers like family. Our termite inspections are fast, efficient, affordable, and thorough. We offer same-day services, and I will never leave until the job is 100% complete. Call for the top termite inspection San Antonio has to offer to schedule an appointment.

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The termite inspector will locate all signs of termite activity during his inspection. This typically involves tapping along the foundation of the home or termite tubes on trees. Once termites are detected, representative termites are often found near termite activity. These termites can be used as visual proof that termites are present. The inspector will take samples of these termites to send to a lab for confirmation that termite activity is happening beneath your home and decide how it should be treated. We also offer other services like pool inspection san antonio you can visit us for more details.

Termites may seem like small, unassuming creatures, but termites can cause severe damage to your home. According to the American Housing Survey of 2015, termite infestation was the top reason for pest control service calls in 2015. At Lone Star Inspections, termite inspectors are on call seven days a week. If you think termites might be eating away at your home, contact our professionals today for a termite inspection Helotes TX residents can rely on!